In order to allow the participants to discuss deeply the selected works, the SBDS+ISSD 2013 programme was designed to prioritize an environment for exchanges between researchers. Two main activities will be developed during the three days: the thematic sessions, in which selected papers will be presented and discussed in small groups; and the round tables, in which key issues and the most relevant proposals presented on thematic sessions will be discussed with all participants. Aiming to concentrate the activities on  discussion of the papers presented, the keynote speeches will be limited to two, the opening and the closing one. We hope that this model will lead to a deeper discussion and a better use of the opportunity to join so many researchers at the same time.

Opening keynote speech

Maria Beatriz Galan, professor at the University of Buenos Aires, will give the opening keynote speech addressing the issue of a social responsible design practice.  

Thematic Sessions

Selected papers for the SBDS will be presented on the afternoon of the first two symposium days at the parallel thematic sessions “Design culture for sustainability”, “Design and culture for sustainability”, “Design and sustainable consumption” and “Sustainability and consumption of design”. Simultaneously ISSD selected papers will be presented at an English session.

Round tables

Round tables will occur at the next morning after the thematic sessions, on the second and third symposium days. They will be composed by the session moderators who will present a brief report concerning most relevant topics presented and discussed during the last thematic sessions. Following their presentations, all symposium participants will be invited to contribute.

Closing keynote speech

Rita Almendra, professor at the Technical University of Lisbon, will give the closing keynote speech addressing the theme of  tools to support sustainable design management.