Keynote speakers

Maria Beatriz Gálan (University of Buenos Aires)


Maria Beatriz Galan has background on Arts and Industrial Design on the University of Buenos Aires where she is a full professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU-UBA). In the Cathedra Galan ( she offers undergraduate design courses oriented to a social responsible design practice. Her research projects are focused on the role of industrial design in small and medium-sized companies, in its relation to small productions units and to expand the disciplinary boundaries of industrial design aiming to meet local development issues. She is director of research projects accredited under UBACyT (research promotion program of the University of Buenos Aires), Ministry of Education and ANPCyT (National Agency for Scientific and Technological Development). Her projects approach themes as design transfer, design and low-scale production, and design methodology and epistemology. She has lectured at various universities and conferences in France, Switzerland, Finland, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile Uruguay and Colombia. In 2011 the Senate of Republic of Argentina, the Creative Cities and Local Governments Federation of Latin America, the Municipalities Federation and the Shaloom Foundation have awarded professor Maria Beatriz Galan with the Ernesto Tomás Cresto Prize, as a Leader of Development, for her contribution to the sustainable development of Latin American societies.

Rita Assoreira Almendra (Technical University of Lisbon)


Rita Assoreira Almendra is a Designer and Professor at the Department of  Design, Faculty of Architecture of the  Technical University of Lisbon (FA.TUL). She is the Vice-President of the Pedagogical Council and the Coordinator of the Schenography graduation Program at the same Faculty. She is also the coordinator of the Master “Museums, Heritage and Knowledge Society” in Association with the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar. She has lectured at the Design Master Programs the courses of Design Theory, Design Critics and Design Management until 2007 and from that moment on Design processes management, Sustainable Design and Design research. She also teaches courses of Design Processes, Design Intelligence and Design solution’s Management  at the Post-Graduation  Program Strategic Design and Innovation  from ISEG/FA. Her research focus are the one of Design processes (supported in the design cognition) and the strategic role of Design in Business. Rita Assoreira Almendra is a Researcher from CIAUD (research center in Architecture, Urban Planning and Design from FA.TUL) where she participates in projects related with Strategic Design Knowledge and Usage, Design Cognition, Design Education and Research and Design Methodologies.