Selected full-papers – ISSD

We are pleased to announce the selected full-papers

  • Creative social responsibility; applying PVC waste  in new contexts of sustainable design
  • Design for a sustainable coffee (post)consumption
  • Design for transformation: The experience of community gardens in New York City
  • Designing a more advantageous and responsible production
  • Handicrafts and sustainability: Knowing the roots to enhance sustainability of material culture handmade
  • Inclusive design clothing – Conceptual model of approach between autonomy and sustainability
  • Measurement of equities for projects in sustainability: use of chromatic scales in fractal tool.
  • Packaging as a means for promoting sustainable and aware consumption
  • Regional development strategies based on sustainability. Linking research, teaching and transferring to the territory.
  • Reuse of consumer electronic components and wind energy in the design of innovative products
  • Strategic intelectual assets to generate value: Designing and manufacturing  machinery for the treatment of disposable waste
  • Teaching of sustainability in industrial/product design courses in Portugal
  • When sharing is (almost and/or possibly) better than owning: a case study on a “full service” collective laundry